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Welcome to the RadioWare Project

The RadioWare Project pursues the development of hardware and software for what are commonly called Software-Defined Radio and Cognitive Wireless Networking.  Through this project and other related projects, the University of Notre Dame continues to enhance its world-class research and education programs in Wireless Communications and Networking.



Significant outputs of our efforts include:


Over the past five years, a team of researchers, engineers, and students have been collaborating to create this web site and the components its describes.  Our approach is to leverage existing open-source platforms, develop custom hardware and software as appropriate, and produce documentation and course materials. 


We welcome feedback on our work and seek potential interactions with people from outside the group.  We are continually adding content to this site, so if you cannot find what you seek please check back in a while. You can also fill out the Contact Form with your requests and we will try to get to them sooner rather than later. Thanks for looking, and for your patience as we add content on this site.

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